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The On-line radio show of the unexplained...

Grand Deceptions is an on-line radio show dealing with paranormal phenomena, UFO's and conspiracy theory in a format that is unique and insightful, as well as funny. We use RealAudio and RealVideo on this site to get it to you on demand, so you will want to use the link below to get RealPlayer first!!!

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03/01/1999 -New Episode of GRAND DECEPTIONS posted today!!!


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Y2K, Irrational Fears or Real Dangers?

This week, We examine the coming turn of the century, from computer glitches, to doomsday cults. Special interview with Harry the Tyrant, Lead singer of metal band Jag Panzer, We also try to stump John on this show. A truly bizzarre episode, can the show survive it's 13th episode? Listen and find out!!!

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