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Raven Studios On-Line Radio

Welcome to Raven Studios and it's On-Line Radio project! As you can see, we have a lot to offer! Just click on either of the buttons below to go to a show's site, get RealPlayer (reqired to listen to a show) or check out our links section. But first...

Grand Deceptions is an on-Line show dealing with the paranormal, UFO's and Conspiracy Theory. Hosted by Eric Lindstrom & John Hanson, this is a weekly, On-Demand show.

Insane Radio is a weekly humor/talk/music showcase hosted by Mike Gibson. Celebrity interviews, fresh bands, and lots more to offer here! This is also a weekly On-Demand Show.


02/08/99 -Well, I know it's been AGES since we last posted a show, and I'm pretty sure you're all quite curious as to what's been up with our shows. Well, we all owe you an explaination, so here it is...

...Our Halloween bash fell through the cracks, and soon after our Premium Tripod membership ran out. We have all been forced to re-evaluate the situation and decide about how to handle things from that point on. We are currently rennovating our site again, as well as moving all our shows to a RealServer to better serve our shows to you. This server will support about 1000 simultaneous streams, as well as allow for RealPlayer G2 and will offer a higer audio quality. But that's only on the technical side of things...

We have been working on a few interviews and celebrity guests, and things are panning out nicely. We have set interviews with acclaimed director Kevin Smith, the Black Crowes, Vanilla Ice, and Biohazard just to name a few, and we are working on some live streams of concerts and other events of importance. We also have some new faces in our studios now, which reminds me, we'll be working out of an incredible new studio. ^_^

All in all, everything is coming together now faster than we ever thought it would, and, in the coming months, we will totally change the face of internet broadcasting forever! Please visit back daily from today on for regular updates and, hopefully soon, show dates and times. Thanks, and come back real soon!

-Eric, Mike, John & the rest of the crew.